“Light & Shadow” by Daido Moriyama

Here’s another Daido book I picked up on my recent trip to Tokyo called “Light & Shadow.”


It is the same exact size as the “Buenos Aires” one which is also a re-release.  You can refer to my previous post on that book here.

To be honest with you I have no idea how to interpret this book. It is a dense and constant bombardment of low-fi black and white images. But that’s exactly why I love it because it’s a celebration of just that: Light & Shadow.

From what I can tell, there’s no story or theme running through it but pure unadulterated visual stimuli of the black and white variety. It’s a great way to teach yourself to see things in their own context as pure graphic elements.

I can recommend this book without any reservation!

As much as I love this copy I do envy those who own the original version:


For previews of the book you can check this link out here.

Other books by Daido Moriyama:
“Buenos Aires”

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