1) “New Epson Complete Guide to Digital Printing” by Rob Sheppard
2) “Buenos Aires” Daido Moriyama
3) “Buenos Aires” Picture Previews
4) “Light & Shadow” by Daido Moriyama
5) “The Photobook: A History” by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger
6) “Words Without Pictures”
7) “Photographers A-Z” by Hans Michael Koetzle
8) “East: For the Record”
9) “Postcards from America”
10) “Paris” by William Eggleston
11) “The Dusseldorf School of Photography” by Stefan Gronert
12) “Eigenzeit” by Elger Esser
13) “Thomas Ruff Stellar Landscapes” by Melanie Bono and Thomas Palzer
14) “Miroslav Tichy” published by ICP and Steidl
15) Ed Van Der Elsken’s “Een Liefdesgeschiedenis In Saint Germain des Pres” published by Dewi Lewis Publishing
16) “Daido Moriyama Labyrinth” published by Aperture
17) “Rasen Kaigan” by Lieko Shiga published by AKAAKA Art Publishing
18) “Top Secret: Images from the Stasi Archives” by Simon Menner published by Hatje Cantz
19) “PIGS” by Carlos Spottorono published by Phree and Editorial RM, Madrid
20) “Iris Garden” Stories by John Cage and Photos by William Gedney published by Little Brown Mushroom
21) “From One China To The Other” by Henri Cartier Bresson published by Universe Books 1956
22) Martin Parr’s “The Non-Conformists” published by Aperture
23) “Desire Lines” by Jan-Dirk Van Der Burg
24) “Die Maur ist weg!” by Mark Power, published by Globtik Books
25) First Edition of “Olele Olala” by Kishin Shinoyama

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