Sample Image Comparisons from Leica M9 and M7

One of my monthly highlights is picking up the most recent issue of Nippon Camera magazine from my local Japanese bookseller. There’s more in depth coverage of the Leica M9 in this November 2009 issue. Here’s an excerpt of the article:

Does the image from the M7 look a little under exposed to you guys?  I take it that “RAP F” was the film used: FujiFilm RAP 135-36 Fujichrome Astia 100-F Prof Color Slide Film.  If one of you reads Japanese would be good to know what that text caption on the right says.

UPDATE November 23, 2009:

A native Japanese speaker was kind enough to translate the caption to the right of the photos:

“Both images are taken with the same focal length but there’s big difference on exposure rate around the edge. But such film camera’s image may be good,too.”

Yes I agree that the film camera image is good too!

3 thoughts on “Sample Image Comparisons from Leica M9 and M7

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