Sample print from Epson Stylus Photo R3000

Here’s a print using Epson A3 Semigloss Photo Paper.  The subtle texture of the photo paper really matches well with the stone work inside the photo.

Before printing out the full size A3 above I printed out two smaller work prints using the Epson 4R Premium Glossy Paper.  You can see that the second photo below has a more greenish tint whereas the first one is more natural which is the one I ended up enlarging.

Photo was taken with the Bessa III using Fuji Pro 400H film.

Epson Complete Ink Cartridge Set for Epson Stylus Photo R3000 Printer

2 thoughts on “Sample print from Epson Stylus Photo R3000

  1. It keeps printing in a blue-ish green-ish color, I first tried to print a photoshop document and made sure it was under CMYK but it keeps printing green-ish. I also printed a word document and the same thing no matter what colors i choose it prints this color. I uninstalled then reinstalled the software and i printed the sample page and it STILL came out this color, anyone know what’s wrong with it?
    I have the Epson CX4400 Printer

    • I had this same exact problem before with photos I was posting to the web. To fix it you need to make sure that you calibrate your monitor first to remove any color cast. You can find more info one my blog post here.

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