57 Years of History


Starting from the top:

Leica T (2014)
Leica R8 (1996)
Leica M7 (2002)
Leica M9 (2009)
Leica R7 (1994)
Leica IIIg (1957)
Leica X1 (2010)

Classic Leica cameras with finishes from vulcanite to hand polished aluminium.  Need to add more models released from 1957 to 1994 to my collection!  Any recommendations?

Musical Vienna

It is widely known that Viennese love music so it’s not surprising to find that there are many record stores in the city dedicated to all genres of music. I spent several nights gold digging after my classes and brought home a few good blues albums. Best of all I was able to discover some new music at a record store called Transformer. It’s a pop up record store at the Transporter bar in Vienna. This place has the best coffee and also a Ping Pong table for regular tournaments.

Moses Records20131213-082659.jpg



Sharing music on the streets

Rave Up


Sample image comparison from Leica M9 and Canon 5D Mark II

Leica M9 – 1/125 at f / 2.0, ISO 160

Canon 5D Mark II – 1/125 at f / 1.8, ISO 100

Leica M9 – 1/125 at f / 2.0, ISO 320

Canon 5D Mark II – 1/125 at f / 1.6, ISO 250

Leica M9 with the Summilux M 35 pre-asph gives that special Leica glow especially around the highlights and high contrast borders.  Downside is the horrible coma effect around the point light sources which are absent from the Canon lens.  Amazing what difference 20 + years of lens development makes.  Your preference?

February 7th 2012 Update: 100% Crops

Here are some 100% crops of the above images:

Leica M9 – 1/125 at f / 2.0, ISO 320

Canon 5D Mark II – 1/125 at f / 1.6, ISO 250