Amazing Weekend in Street Photography


I was absolutely stunned by the batch of strong photos posted this past week.  They’re amazingly unique images and represent a diversity of views from around the world.   The representative photo for this post was a difficult choice but the one below really resonated with me for its subject matter and composition.  Many thanks to all the photographers for sharing their works.  Please be sure to click on the “Reblogged from…” link at the top of each post to see more amazing photos on each photographers’ site.

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 10.19.59 AM

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DISTANZ Verlag: Viktoria Binschtok “World of Details”

Photographs—Analytical and Emotional at Once 

The photographic works of Viktoria Binschtok (b. Moscow, 1972; lives and works in Berlin) explore the idea of visibility. The artist uses surprising displacements of context to examine which contents are transmitted within the firmly defined boundaries of the picture and which exceed these boundaries, being a matter of our own knowledge. In addition to her own photographs, Binschtok accordingly avails herself of the Internet as a no less fertile source of visual material. In her most recent series, “World of Details,” Viktoria Binschtok combines analogue and digital imageries. She begins by selecting New York street scenes from the vast archives of Google Street View, and then travels to these places to take her own picture of the reality she finds there. The reference images render streetscapes from a distance; Binschtok, meanwhile, expands on details, counterbalancing the straightforward photographs taken by a programmed automatic apparatus with what ultimately distinguishes man from machine: intention. In “World of Details,” Viktoria Binschtok not only visualizes how we see the world; she also goes beyond documentary photography without relying on the expedients of staging.

With an essay by Matthias Harder.

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Sebastião Salgado: Genesis

Photo This & That

The Unspoilt Planet

Sebastião Salgado: Genesis from Edmond Terakopian on Vimeo.

In 2004, Sebastião began the Genesis project, aimed at presenting the unblemished face of nature and humanity. Genesis consists of a series of landscape and wildlife photographs, as well as photographs of human communities that continue to live in accordance with their ancestral traditions and cultures, shot across 32 countries, over an eight year period. This body of work was conceived as a potential path to humanity’s rediscovery of itself in nature.

Sebastião Salgado’s photographic exhibition Genesis is unveiled for its world premiere at the Natural History Museum on Thursday 11 April (and will run until September 8th, 2013). Edited, designed and curated by Lélia Wanick Salgado, the exhibition includes 200 epic black-and-white photographs that celebrate the majesty of nature and examine the balance of human relationships with our fragile planet.

Accompanying the exhibition is an equally amazing

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