Fuji X20 & iPhone 5 + Depeche Mode Concert Photography (Part 2 of 2)

Unless I had a tripod, I couldn’t imagine using anything other than the iPhone to record concert video. The audio quality is surprisingly good but the image does get a little shaky after shooting a few songs.

Fuji X20 & iPhone 5 + Depeche Mode Concert Photography (Part 1 of 2)

I was a little apprehensive at first to use the Fuji X20 to capture the concert but lugging around the Canon 5D MKII just did not appeal to me. The X20 was small enough so that I could forget about it yet powerful enough to capture some good images at a distance.

After fine tuning the shutter speed I was able to freeze motion quite well. Although not as capable as the 5D MKII for high ISO, the X20 did handle noise exceedingly well. The optical zoom was just enough to cover most of the stage action. You can see my actual distance from the stage in the last photo of the series taken with the iPhone.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Fuji X20 performed in a concert environment. However, for video the iPhone was definitely the go to tool. But more about that in the next post.