Fuji X20 & iPhone 5 + Depeche Mode Concert Photography (Part 2 of 2)

Unless I had a tripod, I couldn’t imagine using anything other than the iPhone to record concert video. The audio quality is surprisingly good but the image does get a little shaky after shooting a few songs.

Musical London

The Brits love their vinyl too! Picked up many treasures like Prince’s “Purple Rain”, couple of Led Zepplin classics, Depeche Mode singles and Steve Vai’s “Passion and Warfare” among other gems. And how cool are those hollow body Gretsch guitars?





Oramics to Electronica

Exhibition on early electronic musical instruments is also showing at the Science Museum in London. Shapes painted on to film strips are translated into sounds by light sensors. I also liked the LED circle sculpture which poses the question: “If you were given a loop of energy, what would you do with it?”








Only in England: Photographs by Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr

“Only in England” is now showing at the Science Museum in London and is a must see. It is perhaps one of the most lovingly curated photo exhibits I have ever seen. The show consists of many unseen works by Tony Ray-Jones which were selected by Martin Parr – who cites the former as a major influence.

Parr also displays in the show his own early photos from the 1970s. Although the two have never met there is a very intimate dialogue between the bodies of work. Each room in the exhibit alternatively displays photographs from Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr. Their styles are different but there is a continuity between the rooms. This could be the result of the shared subject matter and sensibilities alluded to in the title of the exhibit.

Having admired the prints I also spent a significant amount of time combing through the contact sheets from Ray-Jones. They were displayed strikingly on a large wall at the very back of the exhibit. Looking at the sheets closely you can see the creative process of both photographers. Parr definitely brings his own aesthetics to the table when making photo selections for the show from these contact sheets. They are also testament to the talents of Tony Ray-Jones as a photographer.