Ed Van Der Elsken’s “Een Liefdesgeschiedenis In Saint Germain des Pres” published by Dewi Lewis Publishing

First off, many apologies for the long absence.  Work and other interest have taken over my life of late.  A good place to pick up where I left off with photobook reviews is this svelte black and white beauty.   I picked up Ed Van Der Elsken’s “Een Liefdesgeschiedenis In Saint Germain des Pres” (henceforth SGP) at one of my paris haunts – the awesome photobook store – Comptoir de l’Image.

Walking into the store is bewildering because it is a veritable treasure trove.  But luckily the proprietor Michel is quite a good judge of character and makes very good recommendations.  Sensing my fondness for all things parisian he recommended SGP.  Ed Van Der Elsken’s photographs really captures the Left Bank bohemian culture.  The   images are held together by Ann’s “Love Story on the Left Bank.”  In the book we are immersed in her romantic world of artist and bar patrons.  I love it for it’s gritty realism which you don’t see much of these days in the age of digital imagery.  It is possible to fall in love with a woman made of silver halide.

Hope these iPhone images will motivate you to pick up the real book!