Selecting the Right Color Profile for Epson Scanners

This is Part 2 of the Color Management series.  For an overview of color management covered in Part 1 please refer to this link here.

To select the right color profile for your scanner first open the application that was included with the scanner. I have the Epson V700 so the application panel looks like this:

Screen shot 2009-11-09 at 7.34.40 PM

To access the color profile settings click the “Configuration” or similar labelled button.

Screen shot 2009-11-09 at 7.34.58 PM

Last step is to select the “Adobe RGB” target profile from the drop down list. And now your scanner is correctly color profiled!

For setting up Photoshop color profiling please refer to the Computer Darkroom tutorial.

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Color Management

I once posted this image I took to a forum only to have it rendered a ghastly greenish color on the screen.  One of the fellow forum goers gave me a few tips about color management and I’ve made sure since then that my colors are synched up across my workflow.  Here’s a little diagram I made to keep it straight in my head:

Color Sync Diagram

It’s actually not as confusing as it looks.  Color management basically works like this:

  • Each input and output device has its own ICC profile for color management
  • The arrows are labelled with the ICC profile which is in use by the device or software
  • You just have to make sure that the correct or preferred profile is chosen
  • Ambient light affects the way colors are perceived on your screen
  • So it is advisable to keep your monitor calibrated for the ambient light in your room

When you’re ready you should definitely purchase a monitor calibration device to keep things sorted. Here’s the Spyder 3 Elite on Amazon

It’ll only take you about 5 minutes to map this out for yourself.  For more details check this website out which has an awesome tutorial on color management: Computer Darkroom

Part 2 – Selecting the Right Color Profile for Epson Scanners