Black and White Film Review: BRF400 Plus

Thought I’d give something other than Tri-X a try so here’s three shots from my roll of BRF400 Plus.  Not sure whether it’s due to accidentally putting the fixer in before the stopper, but the photos have an amazing range of textures.  From silky smooth to concrete grit BRF’s got it in spades.  Will definitely pick up another roll and develop it properly next time to see if the texture is still there.

img012 img019 img034

“World Discovery: Dream Travels”

Pretty odd but that’s what it says on that man’s t-shirt.  My vacation in Switzerland seems like ages rather than months ago.  Guess it’s time dilation at work again.

Can you see a ghostly Matterhorn in the background?  Seems like the summit is made out of clouds.  How small are man’s endeavours compared to nature’s.